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Section C.6 M3: Function Calls


  • Explain function call mechanism. jal and jr and the return address.

  • Mention the problem that we want to preserve values over calls (first and foremost the return address).

  • Such values have to be saved somewhere; registers may be overwritten by called function.

  • So we need a convention which registers are preserved and which can be overwritten.

  • Overwritten registers must be saved somewhere. Global data not possible because recursive calls would overwrite saved values.

  • Need call stack. Explain allocation/deallocation of stack frame, usage of stack pointer. Show how saving/restoring is done (relative addressing to stack pointer.)

  • Discuss recursion and tail recursion in this context. Live code factorial recursively and tail recursively. Step through program and show the difference.

  • Goal is to understand that recursion requires book keeping and has an overhead.

Sections Covered.

Section 2.8