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Section A.1 Instruction Set Reference

Here, we summarize the MIPS instructions and OS calls that are most important for this book. The official MIPS reference [3] provides further details on the MIPS-IV instruction set.

Unless stated otherwise, each instruction increments the program counter by 4. We use \(\sext(b)\) to denote a sign extension of a bit string to 32 bit and \(\zext(b)\) for a zero extension of a bit string to 32 bit (see Sign and Zero Extension). Note that instructions using an immediate perform either sign or zero extension of the 16-bit immediate to 32 bit depending on the opcode. \(\blts\) und \(\bltu\) denote signed and unsigned comparisons. \(W[a]\text{,}\) \(H[a]\) und \(B[a]\) denote memory contents at address \(a\) in form of a word, half word or byte.

We use the following abbreviation to compute the new \(pc\) address for a conditional jump:

\begin{equation*} \cbranch(cc)\defeq\pc\badd 4\cdot (1\badd\ite{cc}{\sext(i)}{0}) \end{equation*}
Mnem Args Semantics Comment
addu \(\rd\ \rs\ \rt \) \(\rd\gets\rs+\rt \) Add two regs
addiu \(\rd\ \rs\ i \) \(\rd\gets\rs+\sei \) Add reg with immediate
subu \(\rd\ \rs\ \rt \) \(\rd\gets\rs-\rt \) Subtract two regs
mul \(\rd\ \rs\ \rt \) \(\rd\gets\rs\cdot\rt \) Multiply two reg
div \(\rd\ \rs\ \rt \) \(\rd\gets\rs\mathop{/}\rt \) Divide two regs
rem \(\rd\ \rs\ \rt \) \(\rd\gets\rs\mathop{\%}\rt \) Remainder of division
and \(\rd\ \rs\ \rt \) \(\rd\gets\rs\band\rt \) Bitwise and
and \(\rd\ \rs\ i \) \(\rd\gets\rs\band\zei \) Bitwise and with immediate
or \(\rd\ \rs\ \rt \) \(\rd\gets\rs\bor\rt \) Bitwise or
ori \(\rd\ \rs\ i \) \(\rd\gets\rs\bor\zei \) Bitwise or with immediate
xor \(\rd\ \rs\ \rt \) \(\rd\gets\rs\bxor\rt \) Bitwise xor
xori \(\rd\ \rs\ i \) \(\rd\gets\rs\bxor\zei \) Bitwise xor with immediate
nor \(\rd\ \rs\ \rt \) \(\rd\gets\bneg{\rs\bor\rt} \) Complement of or
lui \(\rd\ \ i \) \(\rd\gets i_{15}\dots i_{0}\bconcat 0^{16} \) Load upper half-word of reg
sll \(\rd\ \rs\ n \) \(\rd\gets \rs_{31-n}\dots\rs_0\bconcat 0^n \) Shift left by \(n\)
srl \(\rd\ \rs\ n \) \(\rd\gets 0^n\bconcat\rs_{31}\dots\rs_{n} \) Unsigned shift right by \(n\)
sra \(\rd\ \rs\ n \) \(\rd\gets (\rs_{31})^n\bconcat\rs_{31}\dots\rs_{n} \) Signed shift right by \(n\)
sllv \(\rd\ \rs\ \rt \) \(\rd\gets \rs_{31-n}\dots\rs_0\bconcat 0^n \) \(n\defeq\rt\)
srlv \(\rd\ \rs\ \rt \) \(\rd\gets 0^n\bconcat\rs_{31}\dots\rs_{n} \) \(n\defeq\rt\)
srav \(\rd\ \rs\ \rt \) \(\rd\gets (\rs_{31})^n\bconcat\rs_{31}\dots\rs_{n} \) \(n\defeq\rt\)
slt \(\rd\ \rs\ \rt \) \(\rd\gets\ite{\rs\blts\rt}10 \) Signed comparison of two regs
sltu \(\rd\ \rs\ \rt \) \(\rd\gets\ite{\rs\bltu\rt}10 \) Unsigned comparison of two regs
slti \(\rd\ \rs\ i \) \(\rd\gets\ite{\rs\blts\sei}10 \) Signed comparison of reg with imm.
sltiu \(\rd\ \rs\ i \) \(\rd\gets\ite{\rs\bltu\sei}10 \) Unsigned comparison of reg with imm.
lw \(\rd\ i(\rs) \) \(\rd\gets W[\rs+\sei] \) Load word
lh \(\rd\ i(\rs) \) \(\rd\gets\sext(H[\rs\badd\sei]) \) Load half word with sign extension
lb \(\rd\ i(\rs) \) \(\rd\gets\sext(B[\rs\badd\sei]) \) Load byte with sign extension
lhu \(\rd\ i(\rs) \) \(\rd\gets\zext(H[\rs\badd\sei]) \) Load half word with zero extension
lbu \(\rd\ i(\rs) \) \(\rd\gets\zext(B[\rs\badd\sei]) \) Load byte with zero extension
sw \(\rd\ i(\rs) \) \(W[\rs\badd\sei]\gets\rd \) Store word
sh \(\rd\ i(\rs) \) \(H[\rs\badd\sei]\gets\rd\bft{15}0 \) Store half word
sb \(\rd\ i(\rs) \) \(B[\rs\badd\sei]\gets\rd\bft70 \) Store byte
beq \(\rs\ \rt\ \offset \) \(\pc\gets\cbranch(\rs=\rt) \)
bne \(\rs\ \rt\ \offset \) \(\pc\gets\cbranch(\rs\ne\rt) \)
b\(cc\)z \(\rt\ \offset \) \(\pc\gets\cbranch(\rt\mathop{cc} 0)\) \(cc\in\{\text{lt},\text{gt},\text{le},\text{ge}\}\) (signed comparison)
jal \(\addr \) \(\$ra\gets\pc\badd 4, \pc\gets\addr \) Function call
jr \(\rs \) \(\pc\gets\rs \) Indirect jump
syscall \(\) \(\) Invoke operating system
li \(\rd\ i \) \(\rd\gets i \) Load constant into reg
la \(\rd\ l \) \(\rd\gets \addr \) Load address of label into reg
move \(\rd\ \rs \) \(\rd\gets\rs \) Copy reg
not \(\rd\ \rs \) \(\rd\gets\bneg{\rs} \) Bitwise complement
neg \(\rd\ \rs \) \(\rd\gets-\rs \) \(\cdot(-1)\)
b \(\offset \) \(\pc\gets\pc\badd 4\cdot(1\badd \sei) \) Unconditional jump
b\(cc\) \(\rs\ \rt\ \offset \) \(\pc\gets\cbranch(\mathit{cc}) \) \(cc\in\{\text{lt},\text{gt},\text{le},\text{ge}\}\) (signed comparison)