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.align, Paragraph
.ascii, Paragraph
.asciiz, Paragraph
.byte, Paragraph
.half, Paragraph
.word, Paragraph
abstract data type, Paragraph
abstract syntax tree, Paragraph Paragraph Paragraph Paragraphs
accessor method, Paragraph
actual parameter, Paragraph
carry-lookahead, Remark
ripple-carry, Remark
address, Paragraph
patching, Paragraph
address space, Paragraph
ADT, Paragraph
aggregation, Paragraph
alias, Paragraph
Alignment, Paragraph
amortized analysis, Paragraph
API, Paragraph
argument, Paragraph Paragraph
two's complement, Paragraph
arity, Paragraph
array type, Paragraph
assembler, Paragraph
directives, Paragraph
assertion, Definition
stronger, Paragraphs
weaker, Paragraphs
axiom, Subsection
back-end, Paragraph
base address, Paragraph
binary code, Paragraph
binary file, Paragraph
binomial coefficient, Paragraph
bit operation
and, Paragraph
xor, Paragraph
bit string, Paragraph
block, Paragraph
borrow bit, Remark
branch, Paragraph
absolute, Paragraph
conditional, Paragraph
relative, Paragraph
unconditional, Paragraph
break condition, Paragraph
BST. See treebinary search
bucket, Paragraph
buffer overflow, Paragraph
bus, Paragraph
byte, Paragraph
C preprocessor, Paragraph
call by reference, Paragraph
call by value, Paragraph
callee-save, Paragraph
caller-save, Paragraph
carry, Paragraph
carry bit, Remark
cause, Paragraph
central processing unit, Paragraph
class file, Paragraph
class invariants, Paragraphs
Code generation
syntax-directed, Paragraph
collision, Paragraph
comparison, Remark
complement, Paragraph
composition, Paragraph
concrete syntax, Paragraph Paragraph
configuration, Paragraph
constructor, Paragraph
constructors, Example
container, Paragraph
functional, Paragraph
partial, Definition
total, Definition
coverage, Paragraph
CPU. See central processing unit
dangling pointer, Paragraph
dynamically-allocated, Remark
static, Paragraph
statically-allocated, Remark
data segment, Paragraph
data type
algebraic, Paragraphs
declaration, Paragraph
default constructor, Paragraph
default value, Paragraph
descendant, Paragraph
deterministic relation, Paragraph
digit, Paragraph
least significant, Paragraph
most significant, Paragraph
disassembly, Paragraph
divide and conquer, Paragraph
dynamic programming, Paragraph
edit distance, Paragraph
encapsulation, Paragraph Paragraph
error, Paragraph
error output, Paragraph
execution trace, Paragraph Definition
external effect, Paragraph
factory method, Paragraphs Paragraph
failure, Definition
Fibonacci numbers, Paragraph
flag register, Remark Remark
format strings, Paragraph
fprintf, Paragraph
free, Paragraphs
front-end, Paragraph
fscanf, Paragraph
function, Paragraph Paragraph
epilogue, Paragraph
prologue, Paragraph
recursion, Paragraph
function body, Paragraph
function declaration, Paragraph
function definition, Paragraph
garbage collection, Paragraph Paragraph
getter, Paragraph
getting stuck, Item
ghost variables, Example
happy path, Remark
hardware-software interface, Paragraph
hash function, Paragraph
hash table, Paragraph Paragraph
header file, Paragraph
Hoare triple, Definition
identifier, Paragraph
immediate, Paragraph
inference rules, Paragraph
information hidig, Paragraph
inheritance, Paragraph
instance, Paragraph
branch, Paragraph
pseudo, Remark
instruction set architecture, Paragraph
unsigned, Paragraph
integration test, Paragraph
interface, Paragraph Paragraph
signed, Definition
unsigned, Paragraph
loop, Paragraphs
invariants, Paragraph
iterator, Paragraph
Java bytecode, Paragraph
jump, Paragraph
keyword, Paragraph
L-evaluation, Remark Paragraph Definition
label, Paragraph
leaf, Paragraph
least significant bit, Paragraph
lexing, Paragraphs
LIFO, Paragraph
list, Paragraph
malloc, Paragraphs
memory assignment, Paragraph
memory management, Paragraphs
memory model, Paragraph
memory safety, Paragraph
merge sort, Paragraph
method, Paragraph
static, Paragraph
MIPS, Paragraph
mnemonic, Paragraph
model, Definition
most significant bit, Paragraph
namespace, Paragraph
null, Paragraph
number system. See positional system
object, Paragraph
object file, Paragraph
offset, Paragraph
open addressing, Paragraph
optimal substructure, Paragraph
optimization problem, Paragraph
unsigned, Paragraph
unsigned, Paragraph
overflow bit, Remark
override, Paragraph
parameter, Paragraph
parser, Paragraphs
pigeonhole principle, Paragraph
pointer, Paragraph
positional system
base, Paragraph
postcondition, Paragraph
precondition, Paragraph
primitive type, Paragraph
printf, Paragraph
probing, Paragraph
linear, Paragraphs
quadratic, Paragraphs
epilogue, Paragraph
prologue, Paragraph
program representation, Paragraph
defensive, Remark
prototype, Paragraph
qualification, Paragraph
qualifier, Paragraph
R-evaluation, Remark Paragraph Definition
record, Paragraph
reference, Paragraph
reference type, Paragraph
name, Paragraph
regression, Paragraph
RISC, Remark
rule of consequence, Paragraphs
runtime system, Paragraphs
satisfiable, Definition
scanf, Paragraph
scope, Paragraph
semantics, Paragraph
big-step, Paragraph
operational, Paragraph
small-step, Paragraph
setter, Paragraph
singleton, Item
slt, Remark
sltu, Remark
spaghetti code, Paragraph
specification, Paragraph
pointer, Paragraph
stack frame, Paragraph Paragraph
stack pointer, Paragraph
standard input, Paragraph
standard output, Paragraph
statement, Paragraph
static, Paragraph
static semantics, Paragraph Paragraph
statically type-safe language, Paragraph
statically type-safe languages, Paragraph
strict, Paragraph
struct, Paragraph
field, Paragraph
stuck. See Getting Stuck
subject under test, Paragraph
subtraction, Definition
subtype, Paragraph
symbol table, Paragraph
syntactic analysis, Paragraph
syntax-directed code generation, Paragraph
system test, Paragraph
tail recursion, Paragraph
Termination, Definition
black-box, Item
coverage, Paragraph
failing, Definition
glass-box, Item
oracle, Paragraph
passing, Definition
specification-based, Item
structural, Item
white-box, Item
test suite, Definition
theorem prover, Paragraph
tombstone, Paragraph
translation unit, Paragraph
tree, Paragraph
balanced, Paragraphs
binary, Paragraph
binary search, Paragraph
depth, Paragraphs
height, Paragraphs
ordered labeled, Paragraph
prefix, Paragraph
size, Paragraphs
trie, Paragraph
two's complement, Paragraph
concrete, Paragraph
static, Paragraph
type checking, Paragraph
type environment, Paragraph
type erasure, Paragraph
type safety, Paragraph
type-safe programming languages, Paragraph
aggregate, Paragraph
scalar, Paragraph
undefined behavior, Item
unit test, Paragraph
valid, Definition
value, Paragraph
variable, Paragraph Paragraph
occurrence, Paragraph
variable assignment, Paragraph
variable declaration, Paragraph
verification condition, Example
virtual method table, Paragraph
visibility scope, Paragraph
visitor pattern, Paragraph
VMT, Paragraph
vtab, Paragraph
vtable, Paragraph
weakest precondition, Paragraph
well-typed, Paragraph
well-typed program, Paragraph Paragraph
word size, Paragraph